Android Auto has been hitting more and more cars lately, and the most recent recipients are several 2017 Citroën models. If you live in the US and you aren't a car enthusiast, you probably haven't heard of this French automaker, but their cars are pretty popular in regions such as Europe and Asia.

Here's the list of Citroëns that already come with Android Auto support:

  • 2017 C3
  • 2017 C4 Picasso
  • 2017 Grand C4 Picasso
  • 2017 C-Elysée
  • 2017 Jumpy
  • 2017 SpaceTourer

And here's the Citroën that will be getting it soon:

  • 2017 C4

To use Android Auto, you'll need to have a compatible phone (most are) and live in a country that Android Auto is available in (see list here). Should you satisfy both of these requirements, then you're set!