The LineageOS project has been working hard to add more features and support new devices. Since our last news roundup, version 14.1 of the custom ROM has been updated to Android 7.1.2, and some devices have been added to the official builds.

First, I'll talk briefly about the switch to 7.1.2. If you haven't been following our coverage of the update, it includes a new battery usage alerts list, as well as general fixes to Bluetooth and some other tweaks. Pretty minor, but definitely nice to see LineageOS update to it so soon.

Since the last roundup, the LineageOS project has fixed many bugs specific to the custom ROM, including fixes for the new tiles we talked about before. In addition, Lineage is now taking donations for the first time to help cover server costs, and you can donate here. Right now, only Bitcoin donations are supported, but PayPal will be added soon.

Finally, there are a few new devices that are officially supported. The 2016 Moto Z (griffin), Verizon HTC One M9 (himawl), GSM HTC One M9 (himaul), and LG L90 (w7) now have LineageOS 14.1 builds. On a similar note, builds for the Nextbit Robin have been temporarily disabled until "major bugs are addressed."