Can you hear that? It's the screaming of the phones as JerryRigEverything posts yet another video of smartphone torment. This time it's the Galaxy S8 on his desk getting scratched, burned, and bent. Samsung's latest flagship comes through it quite well, though.

Here's the full torture session for your enjoyment, you sicko.

Like other phones with glass screens, the GS8 doesn't scratch easily, and all the sensors are safely under the glass. The sides of the phone and the buttons are all metal, so they should hold up well. Even the screen remains fully functional after two 30-second rounds with a lighter. It took a third application of fire to permanently scar the GS8's display. This test isn't necessarily based on actual usage, but it's interesting nonetheless.

The GS8's bend test is the most impressive part. Most of the phones JerryRigEverything beats up will bend at least a little. The best ones will still work after, though they might look a little worse for wear. The Galaxy S8 hardly bends at all because the rear glass panel is adding structural integrity to the frame. It's a very durable phone, but that doesn't mean you can't crack it with a bad drop. Be careful with your $700 slab of glass.