If you've been using PhotoScan by Google Photos to digitize all your pre-stick selfies then this latest bit of news might come in handy. Google has updated the app to 1.4, adding the ability to share photos from directly inside the app using intents, and a new toggle to disable glare removal. Easy sharing can save you time with social media, and the latter could come in handy if you have noticed it messing with light areas in high-contrast images.

I've been a fan of PhotoScan for a while. Pushing it onto my parents as a means of saving their photos against the ravages of time wasn't easy, but they seem to get the gist of it, even if they can't actually be bothered to use it. For users that do use it frequently, the ability to share directly from the app is going to come in handy. Before the update, after taking a picture you had to navigate to it in Google Photos in order to share it. Now showing off grandma's sweet poodle skirt on Instagram is a two-tap affair.


Similarly, the option to disable glare reduction can save you some time if you've got a pile to work through, as it reduces the number of images required down to one. If you've noticed that the glare reduction bugs out at all that could also come in handy. That isn't too likely, though. I've found it to perform pretty consistently well.

If you aren't seeing the update to 1.4 for any reason, feel free to pull down the latest from APK Mirror.

PhotoScan by Google Photos
PhotoScan by Google Photos
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