The Facebook app for Android isn't great, but it's far better than it used to be. Last year, the company began working on a new user interface framework for its Android app, called Litho. The goal was to achieve smooth scrolling performance on a wide range of devices, and now Facebook has open-sourced the library for anyone to use.

Litho is designed to be faster and more efficient than Android's RecyclerView, which displays elements from large data sets (like a social media timeline) by recycling views as soon as they leave the user's sight. Performing this operation, along with several other processes, can sometimes cause visible lag when scrolling. By comparison, Litho moves the heavy work to a background thread and separates the rendering work across multiple animation frames.

The Litho framework is already used in the Android apps for Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Lite, and Facebook Workplace. Developers interested in learning more should check out the source link below.