I don't have kids, I've never seen Star Wars (I keep saying I'll watch them to rectify my nerd cred score, but two full-time jobs, a new apartment, and wedding preparations sorta leave me with no free time), and yet I still want this Sphero Star Wars BB-8 robot. I mean it's cute, it's a robot, it does things, and it does them with Android. What's not to like? Oh, the price...

At an MSRP of $150, this was one rather expensive toy. At its average price of $120 over the past months, it was still above the impulse-buy threshold. As a matter of fact, the lowest price we'd previously seen it at was $100 around Black Friday. But it's been free-falling over the last days, as evidenced by the Camel Camel Camel graph below, and has now hit an all-time low: $88.81.

You could wait to see if the price will fall further or you could grab one now... or you could close this tab and never look back. I don't control you. But if you're interested, shipping is obviously free and the link is right below.

If you don't mind getting a certified refurbished product, you can grab the Sphero BB-8 for $79.99 on Woot today. An optional bundle with the Force Band (the latter should be new, not refurbished) is also available for $119.99. The BB-8 is going for $122 new on Amazon and the bundle is $177.5 as of the time of writing. There are 19 hours left on the Woot deal.