Paypal announced in early 2016 a desire to return to the idea of NFC payments in the wake of Apple and Google's success. Earlier this morning, PayPal announced the ability to link it to Android Pay, so you could at least use your PayPal funds over NFC that way. Now Wells Fargo has announced they're rolling out support for PayPal customers to link and pay using NFC. It looks like PayPal has NFC on the mind.

This announcement promises "millions of Wells Fargo customers to be provided new seamless “tap and pay” digital payment capability," though unfortunately the precise mechanism that's going to drive all this on PayPal's end seems to be unclear. It could be that Wells Fargo spilled the beans before PayPal could make their own announcement.

Outside of a short fling with the tech in 2011 and their subsequent disillusionment with the idea, they've steered clear of NFC until that 2016 announcement at MWC. Since then they've been mostly quiet on the subject until they announced earlier today that they would support Android Pay. Hopefully we get more specific news soon from PayPal on the NFC payment front.