The Google app feed (formerly known as Google Now) includes relevant bits of data from around the web and culled from your own data. One card we almost all have is weather, and Google looks to be experimenting with a new version of that one. Rather than the large card with the forecast, the new one is a single line with a few bits of relevant information.

The new card shows the current conditions and forecast for the current day. The old card is much larger and includes the 5-day extended forecast. You can, of course, tap on the new card and get all that same information and more in the full weather screen. You can see the new card above and another comparison below.

Left: New card, Right: Old card

We've had a few reports of the new card rolling out, but it's still the larger one on all my devices. It's not clear if Google intends to make this the new default for everyone soon, or if it's still fooling around with it.

  • Thanks:
  • Nilotpal Bhattacharya and Rick Kode