For the socially-savvy, Instagram's new collections feature is bound to be a useful addition for de-cluttering your saved posts. Now, you can categorize each as you like with custom labels, making post-hoarding a much more organized endeavor.

Instagram only recently added the ability to save posts (and later, live video as well), but without a means of sorting or categorizing them you had a slowly growing pool of social effluent. That dam has finally burst today as Instagram has started rolling out the new feature, giving us a means of individually adding each item into a collection. Now, categories of interest can be separated, so you need not fear accidentally showing friends your appreciation for women's handbag design while you're looking for that sweet bike you saw.

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To avail yourself of this new feature, one need only tap and hold the bookmark-esque save button or tap the plus icon on the saved posts screen. We haven't seen the feature go live on our Android devices quite yet, although the relevant version (10.16) is out. It could be a short period before that switch gets flipped, or the rollout may be gradual.