Google Inbox and Gmail have been competing for our hearts (and email) for some time now, and it doesn't seem like Google is slowing down development of either [great] app. Clearly, Gmail is for some, and Inbox for others - so which one are you?

I'm personally keeping one foot in both doors right now. I use Inbox for 100% of my personal email on both mobile and desktop, and I have zero inclination to go back. I also use Inbox for work email here at Android Police when I'm on the go. But on the desktop, AP email goes through a fairly fastidiously managed tabbed Gmail layout, something I'm not sure I could function without. Inbox on the desktop with my AP email address would be a nightmare to sort through and manage, given I receive anywhere from 100 to 300 emails in a single day.

So, how about you? Inbox? Gmail? Both? Neither? Vote in the poll and talk it out in the comments below.

Inbox or Gmail?

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