Alongside the introduction of the Galaxy S8, Samsung showed off its new Gear 360 camera. Like last year's model, it has two fish-eye lenses to capture 360-degree video. Now the app has showed up on the Play Store, and we have the APK.


As you can probably guess, the app can be used to capture video and photos from the camera to your phone. You can record video and take pictures, save files to your phone, check the Gear 360's settings and status, and start a live broadcast (only for the new model).

Unfortunately, just like last year, the new Gear 360 is only (officially) compatible with a handful of Samsung devices. This includes the S8/S8+, S7/S7e, S6/S6e/S6e+, Note5, A5 2017, and A7 2017. You are more than welcome to try sideloading the APK on other devices, but your mileage may vary.