Shortly after bringing it back from the dead, it would appear that Google may have inadvertently broken call recording for a short period. For the last two weeks there have been multiple different user reports of problems with recording calls in Google Voice. Thankfully, the issue appears to have been resolved and recording is now working as intended.

While there is not yet any word about the status of recordings presumed lost during this period, all new recordings should behave as expected and appear in your Google Voice inbox.

The precise cause of the original problem isn't known. We've reached out to Google for more information. In the meantime Google hasn't made any statements about the matter outside the responses on the forum, so in lieu of an official statement all we can provide is the response given to posts on the subject:

Thank you for reporting the issue you had with call recordings. We believe that we have resolved the issue and new call recordings should work as expected. Our engineering team is continuing to investigate the recordings that took place during the time period affected. We will update this thread once we have an update to provide. Thanks for your patience!

If you believe you may have been affected, you can check if any of your recordings made during that time are present. If you don't find them in your Google Voice inbox double check by opening the overflow menu on the left, open "Legacy Google Voice," hover over More and select Recorded calls. Recordings should appear there, and if any are missing from the last two weeks you may be among those who have experienced the issue.

For those users that might have made recordings while things were broken, it looks like Google is still looking into things and plans on updating the relevant threads later. If we hear anything more on the subject or if we get a statement we'll be sure to update this post.

Looks like recordings from that period are appearing back where they should, nothing to see here.

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