Fire TV Devices have started to be updated today with some new features, like new app recommendations, video quality, data alert, and data usage options. More fine-grain data awareness and control is surely to be useful for responsible content consumption.

The big new features in this update are centered around data: data monitoring, video quality settings, and data alerts. You can see how much data is being used by different apps and services on your Fire TV device, even adjust how much apps like Amazon Video can use by changing the video quality, and be alerted when binge-watching The Expanse has burned through your monthly allotment — if you are so unlucky as to be on a capped connection. The precise instructions for setting up data monitoring and alerts, for those interested or unfortunately required, are available here.

The update also brings some other features, like PIN protection for the Prime Photos apps and a new "Recommended by Your Apps" category on the home screen. The first is fairly self-explanatory, but the latter adds a new row on your home screen featuring advertisements for content available inside supported apps. Developers looking to take advantage of the new feature should take a peek here, but for consumers it basically just means that the same type of recommendations Amazon made previously, like showing you new books based on those you own, can now be made by other apps on your Fire TV. For instance, a news app showing you more articles, or a network television app recommending other shows to watch.

This latest version is Fire OS To check which version you are currently running or begin the updating process:

  1. Select Settings > Device > About from the Fire TV menu.Tip: If you don't see a "Device" option, look for System and select that instead.
  2. Look for the Software Version section to view the software version currently installed on your Fire TV.
  3. Select Check for System Update to see if a software update is available for your device

If an update is available, it will start downloading automatically. After the download is complete, select Install System Update to install the update immediately. Otherwise, the update will install automatically the next time you restart your Fire TV, or after your device has been idle for more than 30 minutes.

This update should start rolling out soon for Fire TV 1st and 2nd Gen devices as well as the Fire TV Stick (with and without the Alexa remote).