Google has been rolling out a series of updates to its Image Search platform on mobile devices, and the latest addition includes tools to make coordinating outfits and researching fashion a bit easier. Now with 'Style Ideas' Google will show you a series of images related to the product in use.

These new tools work in conjunction with the Similar Items changes rolled out earlier this week, which provide links to other consumer items when looking at an image of a product, sort of like Google Shopping. Similar Items relies on identifying the items in an image to provide you with close matches. For example, if you search for a pair of sunglasses and like the shoes the model is wearing, you can see what they might be — though it isn't always right.


The new Style Ideas tool compliments this. When you go to search for that jacket or bag you've been waiting to get, not only will you be shown other items similar to it, you'll also be able to see a bunch of examples of the item in use. Check out what that hat looks like with that belt you have, or you can see if that blue suit would make you look too much like a sailor with those black shoes. It might not be useful for everyone, but if you are into fashion or just happen to be looking for a new look, it's a pretty slick tool.

Screenshot_20170413-140720 Screenshot_20170413-140757

The recent trend towards commercialization in Google's image search continues apace, but this may at least fill a void for anyone who took a similar effort to research their future purchases manually. Either way I, for one, welcome our fashionable new robot overlords.