Yesterday, we found out in a teardown that version 2.13 of the Google Photos app brings video stabilization. This is a welcome addition, of course, as nobody enjoys watching shaky footage, but how well does it work? Thanks to some comparison videos that were shared on the net, we can now see that it's pretty damn impressive.

Several examples are shared in this Google Photos album (we can't embed Photos videos, unfortunately). As is probably evident, the unedited videos are on the left, while the stabilized ones are to the right. The difference is pretty drastic in the three skiing videos, as well as the video of the Gear S3 Frontier at the end (nice watch, by the way). Although you do sacrifice a bit of quality, that's inevitable when you're dealing with this type of stabilization.

We also get a glimpse of how it compares with YouTube's stabilization via this YouTube playlist, and the Photos-edited video is far, far better. It doesn't even look like YouTube did anything when you view it side-by-side with the Photos video.

Compare both of those clips to this completely unedited one. The difference between the Photos-stabilized video and the YouTube-stabilized video isn't much dissimilar than that between the Photos video and the unedited one. Take a page from the Photos team, YouTube.

It's gotta be pretty good if it's yielded a comment like this from the Jolly Swagman.

Well done, Google. And feel free to continue adding to Photos' already-long list of features.