Amazon Music is one of many audio streaming services. If you're neck-deep in Amazon's ecosystem, then I suppose it's one of the best choices for you — especially since Prime members get a discount on the monthly fee. The Android app just received an update that switches from the hamburger menu to a bottom nav bar. The new version also comes with the ability to share tunes to other subscribers.

Even though I went over it already, here's the changelog for those of you who like the official wording:

  • Amazon Music has a brand new look! We've replaced our ≡ menu with a more convenient bottom navigation. Control playback while browsing with our new circular miniplayer. Drag it to the right or left to skip forward or back in your tracklist.
  • Sharing: You can now share songs, albums, artists, stations and playlists with other Amazon Music listeners.


I'm not really a fan of the whole bottom nav bar thing, but some people love it... so kudos to them. The update should be available for everyone in the Play Store, or you can head over to the link below to check it out.