We all need a weather app. The tricky part of developing a weather app is giving users the right amount of information. Too much and it's overwhelming and a pain to use. Too little and users will be looking for that info in some other app. Today Weather, a new app from a two-person, independent development and design team, strikes this balance perfectly while being easy on the eyes at the same time.

Below are a few snapshots of what to expect. You always get the basics along with a beautiful scene to set the mood upon opening the app. Scroll down and you get the details you're looking for: What's the weather like the rest of today? How will it be the rest of the week? Note the visualization of the temperatures in the 7-day forecast; it really brings home the range of temperatures and makes it easier to compare the conditions from one day to the next.

The wind graphic is appealing as well, once again trying to both show and tell.

Not pictured is the interactive radar, hourly rain forecast, air quality, and a handful of other details presented succinctly and clearly.

Under the hood, you can configure Today Weather to your liking. Do you want a sticky notification? You can have it. Just as important, you don't have to have it if you don't want it. You can also ask Today Weather to give you a daily notification at a time of your choosing, maybe right before heading to work.

You can choose your preferred units of measure, too, so not to worry if you're more of the metric type. By default, Today Weather draws its information from Weather.com, but you can opt instead for Weather Underground or Dark Sky.

We heard you like widgets. Today Weather has those too, in a variety of formats.


Today Weather is available for free from the Google Play Store.

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