There was a surprising amount of anger directed at Google several days ago when the Assistant shopping list was moved from Keep to the Home app. Rather than being a general purpose list, it is now tied into Google Express. Now, the other shoe has dropped in the form of an update to the Express app. It brings shopping list improvements that jive with the new Assistant shopping list.

Here's the changelog for the new update.

  • Now you can invite your friends and family to add items to your Shopping Lists.
  • Add items to shared lists from your phone, computer, and even Google Home.
  • The app no longer runs Android versions older than Jelly Bean (released July 9, 2012).
  • Spring cleaning bug fixes and a fresh new logo make it into this release as well.

Sharing lists is an essential feature if you want people to actually use them for shopping, so the Express app now has native support for that. Items added to your list on a computer of via assistant will show up in the app instantly. Then, you can place your order and get the items in one business day (in most places). Although, that's kind of pointless if your preferred stores are not supported in Google Express.

Google Express requires an annual membership or $95 or $10 per month. That's in addition to whatever your chosen items cost. The new version is in the Play Store, as well as on APK Mirror.