Always-listening voice assistants, like Google Now/Assistant or Alexa, can't really tell the difference between you talking and someone else (unless you have Trusted Voice enabled on Android). Maybe you've watched a few tech videos where someone said "Ok Google," and your phone started talking back.

Burger King seems to be the first company to purposely trigger Google Now/Assistant in a television ad. In the below video, a Burger King employee says "Ok Google, what is the whopper burger," right before the ad ends:

As mentioned above, turning on Trusted Voice on your Android devices gets around this, but the Google Home has no such option. Searching Google Trends for "what is the whopper burger" shows a graph of Burger King's victims:

If you wanted to be funny and edit the Whopper page on Wikipedia to say something else, the page has already been locked due to vandalism. It also looks like someone from Burger King changed the page immediately before rolling out the ad to list the ingredients at the top (which has since been reverted). Let us know in the comments below if you've seen the ad on TV.

Looks like Google isn't too happy about this ad either, because that voice command has actually been disabled. Interestingly, it only stops the commercial from asking the question, it still works manually.