This has happened to me more times than I can count - I'm trying to read an article, but the page continues to load in more content, constantly shifting my position on the page. This is far more annoying on mobile, where your screen space is limited, but it is a problem on the desktop as well. Google has been working to address this problem with 'page anchoring.'

As the name implies, this feature locks the page content to the screen, preventing the content from jumping all over the screen while everything is still being loaded. This feature has been available behind the #enable-scroll-anchoring flag for a while now, but it became default with the release of Chrome 56.

I've definitely noticed an improvement on Android Police, where I don't have to keep scrolling to keep up with the Disqus comments loading. Of course, this feature won't completely eliminate the problem, but Google says it does prevent an average of three jumps per pageview.

Note: If someone knows the original source for the GIF, let me know so I can give credit. I have no idea where it originally came from.