The latest experiment to come out of Google Creative Lab is a web-based tool that uses machine learning to help you with all your design needs. If you need to fire off a quick design for a birthday card or an event poster, AutoDraw has you covered.

Using the simple MSPaint-style interface, all you have to do is draw a rudimentary outline of whatever you would like, and the suggestion tool will guess what you’re drawing and offer you far more professional looking alternatives. Click on a suggestion and it automatically replaces your inferior handiwork with something much prettier, sourced from various talented artists, designers, and illustrators. You can add text, shapes, and fill your (or their) masterpieces with colour. And once you’ve finished you can download your creation as a PNG to use as you will.


The tool is built using the same technology as QuickDraw, a Creative Lab A.I. experiment from last year in which you draw doodles while its neural network attempts to identify them. As with any machine learning project, it gets better the more it’s used, and now that learning has been incorporated into AutoDraw.

Google created a great video to explain how it all works, which you can check out below. To try it out yourself head to, using any browser and on any device.