Android Wear 2.0 makes a number of significant changes to the functionality of your watch, not the least of which is how you access the app list. Rather than a swipe, you press the crown button. If you want the swipe back (along with some extras), check out Launcher for Android Wear. It's a launcher... for Android Wear.

This app comes to us courtesy of Appfour, the developer of rage-inducing and inevitable apps like Web Browser for Android WearMail for Android Wear, and Video for Android Wear. This app is a bit more practical than those. After installing Launcher for Android Wear, you get a new swipe gesture that's triggered by the extreme right edge of the display. Just drag in while on any screen and you have a full app list. You can choose between a grid and list interface, too. A tap opens (obviously) and a long-press lets you star, hide, uninstall, and more. There's also a launcher complication that can be added to watch faces.

You need to be running Android Wear 2.0 to use this app. It's free to try, but there's a $2.99 in-app upgrade you'll probably want to do if you intend to use it long term. Otherwise, there are some app shortcuts at the bottom of your list that are actually ads.

Launcher for Android Wear
Launcher for Android Wear
Developer: appfour
Price: Free+