Verizon and Google have posted factory images today for the Pixel and Pixel XL devices on the network. The changes noted are Wi-Fi/Bluetooth fixes, Calendar, Drive, and Messenger backup, as well as SMS-related fixes (among others).

This latest update brings the same Google backup and restore functionality that other Verizon devices have enjoyed. Instructions for enabling and disabling that feature on the Pixel are available here. This may also go some ways towards alleviating the issues people have experienced with Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi Connection problems. If you had issues receiving SMS messages on your Verizon-powered Pixel, this should fix that. If you had issues getting people to send you SMS messages, you're all on your own.

The full set of changes posted by Verizon is below:

This update includes these improvements:

  • Better performance and connectivity for Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi
  • Adds a new feature allowing you to back up and restore 1st-party apps such as Calendar™, Drive™ and Messenger
  • Better Voice call performance
  • Latest Android™ security patches

This update fixes the following issues:

  • Certain HD Voice/Wi-Fi Calling options were missing after the phone's software was updated
  • In rare cases the phone was not able to receive text messages.

OTA images for new build (NHG47K) are available to download now, and factory images are up too if you'd rather not wait for an OTA.

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