Sling TV offers a compelling value for cord cutters who want to stream cable television channels without paying the hefty prices. One of its weaknesses was its all-live setup, which it addressed with the Cloud DVR "First Look" program. Initially limited to Fire devices, the company has now expanded access to the service to Android and Roku players. 

Cloud DVR allows Sling TV subscribers to purchase 50GB of storage to save their favorite content for later on-demand viewing, all for $5 per month. One other added bonus was that you could access your saved stuff from any Cloud DVR-supported device. Owners of Roku and Android TV boxes and televisions can now participate in watching their shows from any compatible device — oddly, Sling's own AirTV is excluded from this — and recording multiple things at once.

Content remains stored as long as you stay a subscriber of Sling TV and Cloud DVR, and old recordings will be removed to make room for new stuff if you reach your 50GB limit. To get started, eligible customers just need to head over to their Sling account and select the "Add Cloud DVR" option. Apple TV and "even more devices" will be added soon.