LG may not have the perfect track record when it comes to things like strength (or reliability), but it really looks like they're doing everything they can to turn that impression around with the new G6. They've just released a new promotional video demonstrating the device's durability in humorous but obviously controlled circumstances.


Those that aren't familiar with the idea of a Rube Goldberg machine should catch onto the idea pretty quickly (or you can enjoy falling into a deep wiki-hole on the subject), but the gist is an overly-complex machine of simple purpose. LG's demonstration in the G6 runs the device through such a series of contraptions showing off its IP68 water and dust resistance, 1m drop resistance, heat and cold resistance, safer battery cooling (a mild jab at the Note 7?) and a demo of some of the technical specifications like Qualcomm's Quick Charge 3.0 and the Dual Wide Angle Camera.

We found the G6 to be quite a step up for LG from devices like the G5, and if this video is any indication it might even stand the test of time, assuming it escapes the LG bootloop-curse. And, if it doesn't we've always got your back.