When I think of Runtastic, I think of an app that I install on every phone fully intending to use it. Unfortunately, I completely forget about it and end up uninstalling it when I go through a regular purge of my drawer. What I don't think of is cooking food (at least in regards to the app itself), but here we are with Runtastic's latest: Runtasty.

Yes, you read that name right. In a pun that few but our very own Rita can achieve, Runtasty's name is supposed to signify an attempt to bring you simple and quick recipes and kitchen hacks to help improve your diet. While most puns are lost on me, I sure chuckled when I saw this one pop up.


To start, you get over 40 recipes that are dietitian-approved and cater to many food restrictions, i.e. gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, low-carb, dairy-free, etc. Each one of these includes the macro counts, which is especially great for bodybuilders and other fitness-minded people who like to carefully measure what they eat. Step-by-step videos are also included for each recipe, as well as seven additional "kitchen hack" ones. You can also filter by type, like "Under 15 minutes," "post-workout," and so on.

Despite its ridiculous name, Runtasty sounds like a great idea — I am always looking for new food ideas to throw in my repertoire. The app is a free download in the Play Store, so it can't hurt to try it out. Who knows, maybe I'll use it more than Runtastic.