Christmas is here. Yes, I know it's April 6, but for developers and nerds, Christmas falls any day they can take the wraps off some code and look through every line and function to see how things are built. It's like finally being able to disassemble that remote controlled car after playing with it for weeks and seeing how the motor turns and triggers the wheels.

And Google does this every year: in December it releases the Santa Tracker, then a few months later, it open sources it for developers to put on their nerdy scuba masks and dive deep into what makes the magic real. Last year, we had to wait until August for the 2015 Santa Tracker to be open sourced, but this year Santa is dropping by earlier with a bag full of code lines.

The code is published on GitHub for the web app and the Android app. Highlights include details of how the former was built as a Progressive Web App and how the latter leveraged Firebase and went on a diet to shed 10MB of its size while still adding an AR game.

You can now rush to these pages to check out everything and don't forget to bring a glass of milk and some cookies for the nice people over at Google.