LG's G6 has been getting a lot of praise since its announcement. It doesn't just fix the issues faced by many with the G5, it also ups the game with great build quality that survived the torture of master phone-wrecker JerryRigEverything and a balanced mix of features that impressed our resident cynical-reviewer David Ruddock.

After being available in South Korea for a couple of weeks, the G6 is ready for its global launch and that's happening starting today. The flagship will become available for purchase in "key countries in North America, Asia, Europe, Central and South America over the course of the next several weeks." That's pretty vague but it should mean that the wait is getting shorter if you live in a country where LG traditionally launches its devices quickly enough.

In the US, we know that the official availability date is tomorrow, April 7. If you're still interested in grabbing a device, visit that link because you still have time to jump in on the pre-orders and snag some freebies including a Google Home. I hear there will be special witty answers for Okay Google, why is my phone bootlooping like mad? for G6 owners. I kid, I kid. Cheap shot.