Google Photos is really good at recognizing people in a photo and grouping their pics together. It's one feature I've come to rely on to find all the photos I have of specific friends or family members and even photos of "person X and person Y and person Z" together. But there were still a couple of small things missing from Photos' facial recognition like the option to manually tag a person in a pic or the ability to see who Google had recognized in a photo from the photo itself, not their dedicated page.

But the latter is now implemented. Actually, it was implemented at some point in the last few versions: I can confirm that it wasn't there in but it is live in, so it was added to Photos sometime between March 13 and 30. Small details aside, this is a simple but nice change. When you tap in the Info icon on any photo while you're browsing your library, you will see a new People section below Description and above Details.

In it are thumbnails of all the people Google has recognized in your pics. You can tap the thumbnail to immediately go to that person's dedicated Photos page with all the albums and pictures they're in.

Zaher is a very dear friend with an undying love for Android. I'll make him pay for the free publicity.

This is a great way to see who Google has tagged in your photos and to jump to individual people's photos without searching for them first. It still doesn't seem to be possible to manually tag someone in your Photos but I'd imagine the function is coming at some point. Google Photos has been live on the Play Store for a few days but it's also on APK Mirror if you prefer to grab it there.

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