It's been a few days since we've brought you some good deals on apps and games on the Play Store, but here were are today with a really large number of deals. We've got some good apps like a pro calculator and a dyno to measure your car's RPM, a few games including one for your smartwatch, and of course plenty of icon packs. What would these deal posts be without icon packs? If you're a fan of customization, there are also two themes for the LG V20 on Nougat that will work on the LG G5 as well.

And finally, we have the 10-cent deals of the week. Remember that these aren't available in the US (like almost every other week), but should be discounted in France, Italy, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, the UK, Australia, and also probably Romania and Poland. Previous experience tells us that Mexico, Brazil, and India could be in on it too, but we haven't verified.



Themes and icon packs

10-Cent deals

Be quick if you want to get the most of these deals. All of them are momentary and some may expire by the moment you decide to check them out.