If you are saying to yourself - "hey, I saw this game in the Roundup yesterday" - you would be correct. The thing is, I felt it was worth putting in its own post as it is a pretty enjoyable experience. To be precise, it offers solid twin-stick shooter gameplay that focuses on giant mechs in outer space. Akin to many mech-themed TV shows and movies it is pretty obvious where the game's inspiration comes from. So what do you say, shall we dive in and see all there is to enjoy?

First, I would like to start with the pricing of Quantum Revenge. It is listed at $2.99 upfront on the Play Store and there are in-app purchases to contend with. The Play Store states that they go as high as $9.99, but I was unable to find any that go past $2.99. So, keep in mind that the Play Store listing may be a mistake. The IAPs themselves (the ones I found at least) are for purchasing in-game currency. If you purchase the $2.99 IAP it will give you enough currency to unlock all of the mechs in the game as well as keep enough left over to upgrade each mech's components. While I know in-game currency purchased through IAPs may be a hot topic for some, there is only one currency in this game and you can earn it all yourself through gameplay without ever worrying about an IAP. So now that that is cleared up, let's move on.

As you can see in the video above, the gameplay looks pretty sharp. The graphics are clean and detailed with a definite Gundam, Macross, and Voltron vibe. While I have yet to see everything on offer, what I have played through is pretty enjoyable.

From the outset, you have one mech available to you in the main menu. There are also five more that can be unlocked with enough in-game currency. Each mech allows for you to customize their loadout before each match. These different upgrades and weapons also cost in-game currency. Unlocking these mechs and their different loadouts is what drives the core of the game. You earn currency through gameplay, use it to then purchase what you need in order to progress further and further in the game. Luckily you earn this currency at a good clip, so there is no worry of needing to rely on the IAPs unless you just want to speed up the slight grind.

Not everything is roses and wine, though, one thing that does concern me are the controls. They are definitely serviceable on the touchscreen but they can feel a bit slow and imprecise. I did not find this held me back that much, but it may be frustrating for some players. There is also HID support for third party controllers included. I tested out my Nintendo Switch Pro controller and there was a little lag with the Bluetooth connection. Quantum Revenge also supports the Nvidia Shield and having tested it on my Shield TV the controller worked with less lag than what I experienced with my Switch controller. Suffice to say, the controls could be better but at least there is HID support for those who are not fond of the touch controls.

I would also be remiss if I did not point out that the title supports Play Games. If you sign in with your Google account you will be able to compete in the leaderboards as well as unlock achievements.

Overall I would say this is a solid effort that could use a few control fixes. Short of these control issues the experience is quite enjoyable and shows off a nice level of polish from the developer. To me, this is exactly the type of content I love finding on the Play Store. Sure it ain't perfect, but at least it doesn't fall in line with the free-to-play garbage constantly highlighted on the store.