LG isn't really well known for building strong, reliable smartphones. Last year's G5 was a build quality nightmare, and even its newer phones are still bootlooping (on a completely unrelated note, check out our Nexus 5X long-term review). With the G6, though, LG incorporated a beefy metal frame, as well as some other little tweaks that make this 2017 flagship one of the more durable phones that JerryRigEverything has tested.

This isn't JerryRigEverything's first encounter with the G6; he did a teardown when the phone first debuted. However, he didn't subject it to the wrath of his metal picks and razor. The torture begins with a screen scratch test, and like most other phones, the G6's front glass panel scratches at a Mohs' level 6. The front-facing camera is covered by a glass, but the earpiece sticks out a bit and can be prone to damage if you lay your phone face-down often.

Out back, the fingerprint sensor gets scratched easily, but it still works without issue. The flush camera setup is covered by scratch-resistant glass, but since there's no lip, Zack (not Jerry) notes that the cameras are still somewhat unprotected. The body and buttons are completely metal, with no nasty primer like we saw on the G5 to be seen. The glass back proves to be quite durable against a razor. For those of you who ignite cigarette lighters close to your phone screens, you may be disappointed with the G6's pixels blacking out a few seconds earlier than other phones'.

Finally, we get to the bend test. Zack notes that the glass back is actually tucked into the metal frame, which aids in the phone's rigidity. It looks like this design has worked, as the G6 barely flexes at all, with the glass back remaining uncracked. Impressive stuff, LG.

The G6's excellent build quality is a refreshing change from the G5's large seams and primer-covered body. Check the video embedded above (or the source link below) to see the carnage for yourself.