Amazon has rolled out a new service today aimed at making it easier to shop online with cash. Well, indirectly. It's actually making it easier to turn your cash into Amazon money. Amazon Cash lets you transfer cash into your Amazon account, which can then be used to buy things from the retailer. No credit? No problem.

Amazon is partnering with a number of brick and mortar retailers to make Amazon Cash happen. All you have to do is get your account-specific barcode in the Amazon app, and head to a participating store. Have them scan the code and hand over your cash. That money will be funneled directly into your Amazon account. It's basically connected to your gift card balance, but you don't have to buy gift cards in set increments.

The Amazon app is the easiest way to manage Cash. It lets you create a home screen shortcut to your barcode for faster access. Anyone who doesn't have a smartphone can get the code via SMS. No phone at all? As unlikely as that is, you can print the code out on a piece of dead tree. There are only a handful of participating retailers at launch including CVS, Speedway, and Sheetz. More will be added soon.