Google added support for fingerprint readers back in Android 6.0. It has taken developers a while to get on board with that feature, and some are still playing catch up. Enter: Wells Fargo. The Android app has been updated with fingerprint support. Better late than never, I guess.

If you were hoping the Wells Fargo app would get a big update along with this feature, sorry. It's still basically a web wrapper. But hey, it's a web wrapper with fingerprint reader support. Here's the changelog.

  • Android Fingerprint
  • Sign On with your fingerprint instead of your username and password.
  • Fingerprint Authentication is now available for Wells Fargo’s Android Smartphone app on supported devices running Android OS 6+.
  • To enable Fingerprint Authentication, visit the Settings menu in the Wells Fargo app and select Fingerprint Sign On

So, that (redundant) changelog gets the point across, doesn't it? There's fingerprint reader support. Visit the settings to turn it on.

Wells Fargo Mobile
Wells Fargo Mobile
Developer: Wells Fargo Mobile
Price: Free
  • Thanks:
  • Ahmad and James Scott Jr