YouTube is constantly testing new interfaces or features, often at the same time. Case in point: we published an article about a new YouTube comments layout on Android just two days ago, and here you are, reading another one today. As you may have guessed from the title, the bottom nav bar is back, but with some nice tweaks from the last time we saw it. It's virtually identical to iOS's YouTube app now.


left: current. middle: older bottom nav layout. right: new bottom nav layout.

So, what's new? Well, the 'Account' tab that both the current and older bottom navigation bar layout include has been renamed 'Library,' with some additional changes that we'll get into in just a sec. You might notice that your avatar now shows up on the top right of the UI instead of the three-dot menu; this has to do with the 'Account' rebadge. Additionally, the camcorder icon that enables you to upload videos has been moved to the left of the search icon. And lastly, the top left corner of the UI now says 'YouTube' instead of the name of whichever tab you're in (in the case of the two leftmost screenshots above, 'Home'), as the labels in the bottom nav bar make that somewhat redundant.


1: current 'Account' tab. 2: current 3-dot menu. 3: new 'Library' tab. 4new 'Account' tab.

Interestingly, this new test splits the current 'Account' tab into a 'Library' tab and a new 'Account' popup. In the new 'Library' tab, you can no longer see your channel name, banner, or the 'Notifications' option, and you can't switch accounts. On top of that, the three-dot menu has disappeared, which might make you wonder where 'Settings,' 'Watch on TV,' 'Terms & privacy policy,' 'Help & feedback,' and 'Sign out' have gone.

These have all been moved to the new 'Account' popup, which you access by tapping your avatar that's on the top right. There are some subtle changes, though; 'Help & feedback' have been split into 'Feedback' and 'Help,' and I have no idea where 'Watch on TV' has gone.

With these adjustments to the UI, which make it look virtually identical to iOS's YouTube app, options are more organized and easier to find. It makes a lot more sense for the last tab to be called 'Library,' especially with the actual account-related options being moved into the new 'Account' popup. Ditching the three-dot menu and putting all of its contents (minus 'Watch on TV') in the new popup was a good decision as well. I still don't know how I feel about the whole bottom nav bar thing, but I definitely prefer this newest implementation to the one we saw back in September.

Here are some screenshots from a Pixel C with this new UI. Seeing how Android apps adapt to tablet form factors is always fun, right?

Thanks to Braden and everyone else who sent this in, even if we didn't use your screenshots.

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