But really, it hasn't. I had to get paper towels.

OnePlus Dash Energy Drink comes in a can. I was supplied with two for the purposes of my evaluation. I have now consumed both of them and am ready to provide my thoughts to you.

First, the unboxing experience is not what I would call pleasant. Both of my review units, upon popping the tab, proceeded to overflow despite having been sitting untouched on my desk for hours. This is not how you build a brand, OnePlus. The can is wrapped in a Dash-branded label, with a note on the side that it is distributed by the "Da Sheng International Trade Co., Limited." At least it doesn't say Oppo. That would have been embarrassing.


The nutrition label indicates Dash Energy contains some salt (appropriate, OnePlus!) and lots of B vitamins, which may be good for you, I guess. (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor.)


OnePlush Dash Energy Drinks apparently have a meager 14-month support window.


Of note: Dash Energy Drink is manufactured in the United States.

My tasting notes follow.

  • Scent: 100% Red Bull. Citric acid and what I refer to as the "alien sugar" smell fill my nostrils. It is pungent.
  • Appearance: Based on an examination of a puddle of Dash Energy Drink on my desk, I can say confidently it is not quite the color of urine.
  • Taste: A bit of sugar-free Red Bull up front, but immediately transitions into a sweeter, softer flavor reminiscent of cheap candy with a touch of citrus acidity on the end. It is not unpleasant, unless you don't like the taste of energy drinks, in which case, you will not like the taste of Dash Energy Drink.
  • Mouth-feel: Heavy carbonation that dies off quickly. It's sugar-free, so there's no real substance to it.
  • Overall: An OK approximation of Red Bull.

Dash Energy Drink will never be available for sale, and is not compatible with CDMA.