We've been seeing more and more competition among mesh Wi-Fi networking kits over the past few months, with even Google dipping its toe into the segment with Google Wifi back in October of last year. One big advantage Google Wifi has over some of its competitors that have been on the market for a while longer is price: whereas a three-pack from eero would set you back $499 and $399 from Luma, one from Google costs only $299.

To make up for that, many companies have been lowering their prices significantly, with eero taking $100 off its triple set of routers and $50 off its two-pack system in February. The Home Depot is also running a pretty significant sale on pairs of Luma on its website, slashing the price from $250 (apparently The Home Depot was already selling it for $49 less than Luma itself) down to $179, bringing it into perfect price parity with a Google Wifi two-pack.

The offer is available exclusively online and ends today, so if you've been holding off buying a Luma, now is probably the time to go ahead and buy one.

Developer: Luma Home, Inc
Price: Free