Out of the different mobile payment solutions, Samsung Pay is probably my favorite — granted, my experience with Apple Pay has been limited thus far. Not only is there no bootloader restriction, but the support for old-fashioned magnetic terminals is a huge plus. But what about online shopping? Sammy has its customer base covered with the newly announced partnership with Visa, which will allow Samsung Pay users to shop at any virtual merchant who accepts Visa Checkout.

At first glance, this seems inconsequential — of course I can shop anywhere that Visa Checkout is accepted. The important part here is the integration this partnership allows. Instead of entering card, billing, and shipping info to buy something, users will only need to authenticate the purchase with the fingerprint sensor on their Galaxy phone.

To get started, all they have to do is click on the new Visa Checkout/Samsung Pay co-branded button. Another bonus is that this saves entering a username and password to make a purchase. In theory, this is going to help merchants, too, by streamlining and cutting down the friction in the purchasing process. Samsung's and Visa's focus here is to make things simple, fast, and secure for everyone involved in the transaction.

The only timeframe given in the press release is sometime "later this year."