We've reached a point in the smartphone world where most devices have fingerprint sensors. Some are faster and more accurate than others, but I think that most of us can agree that they're pretty awesome to have. Synaptics is a large player in the industry, although some may recognize the name from the touchpads on their laptops. The biometrics company announced yesterday that it's working on a new fingerprint sensor for security, convenience, and versatility.

The new sensor, named the FS4600, will support round, square, pill, and slim rectangular shaped implementations and can be used under polymers, ceramics, or glass depending on OEM preferences. Some of the features include two 0D buttons that can act as softkeys in Android, a force measurement ability for a variety of applications, support for fast swipe navigation, and 256-bit AES with TLS 1.2 encryption.

The FS4600 is expected to be available for sample in Q2 this year with wider production starting in Q3.