You guys clamor and complain about Simple not supporting Android Pay in the comments of every single one of these updated bank posts. Well, complain no more, as Simple customers can finally - yes, that word - use Android Pay. That is, if you're on an account with Simple's new partner bank, BBVA Compass.

By now, most of you have probably already been transitioned to a BBVA account, so you should be fine in that regard. However, if your account is still backed by Bancorp, you'll need to make the switch to BBVA, or else no Android Pay for you. You'll be able to use Android Pay as soon as your account is transferred to BBVA. If you're unsure of which partner your account is under, check your account settings or the back of your Simple bank card.

If you're already with BBVA - great! You can now go ahead and set up Android Pay just as anyone else would. Enjoy those digital purchases that you've been waiting so long to make.