CodeWeavers is well-known for its CrossOver software, which allows some Windows programs to run on Mac and Linux. Back in August of last year, the company released a preview of CrossOver for Android, designed for Chromebooks with the Play Store and x86-based Android devices. Now CodeWeavers has released an update to the Preview, bringing several major improvements.

Firstly, the new Preview adds support for Microsoft Office 2013 and Steam, along with all the other improvements that Wine 2.0 adds (CrossOver is based on Wine). The update also includes multi-window support for running multiple applications, copy and paste between Windows and Android/Chrome OS, and an updated interface.

If you want to try out the Crossover Preview for yourself, you can sign up here. Keep in mind you will need a Chromebook with the Play Store, or an Android device with the x86 chipset. I tried it with Remix OS on my PC in my review of the first version.