Android O was revealed last week, and Google talked about the neat stuff it can do via blog posts and videos. We didn't get all the little details—those nice touches that make you smile, realizing Google takes design seriously these days. Case in point, there's a rad new animation when you open and close the notification shade. Let's watch, shall we?

The above video is shown at normal speed. Notice how the icons are in that bottom strip as you open the shade. Then, they slide up as the notification they are connected to is revealed. That's cool, but it looks even cooler in slow motion.

In the above video, that same animation is playing out at one-tenth speed (this is also the case for the GIF up top). The icons sort of float across the screen to take up their position. When you close the notifications, the icons slip back down and line up. This looks a bit like a shrunken down version of the quick settings close animation. It won't fundamentally alter the experience on Android O, but it's still cool.