A few days ago, we reported one unofficial feature in Google Maps 9.49 beta that allowed you to manually save your parking location for future reference. Unlike Google's automatic parking saving that guesses the location based on where you approximately stopped driving and surfaces the info in your Feed, this one was a more manual and more accurate way of pinning down your parking spot. It also let you add notes, set a time limit for metered parkings, and attach photos for your reference. That was saved as a notification you could tap when you had to go back to your car. All of this is so you never risk reliving that episode of Seinfeld.

But the option sadly disappeared from Google Maps a few days ago (server-side switch or due to the update to 9.49.1 beta or 9.49.2, I'm not sure) and hasn't been back since. In its place when you tap the blue dot, there's the new location sharing option that went live yesterday.

When it was available, saving your parking (left) was right where location sharing is now (right).

Saving parking wasn't officially announced as a Maps feature and was part of the beta app version, so it's probably still a work in progress. Maybe the team didn't intend for the feature to go live then or maybe they discovered a bug and had to disable it momentarily. I do hope it comes back soon though because it was very handy.