Here we are again with some more banks/credit unions added to Android Pay's list of friendlies. We've hit the point where most of the major banks and cards are supported, and now there's a huge list of 51 new institutions that can take advantage of contactless payments.

Without further ado, here's the list:

  1. 1st MidAmerica Credit Union
  2. Alabama State Employees Credit Union
  3. Allegiance Credit Union
  4. American State Bank
  5. Andigo CU
  6. Bank Rhode Island
  7. Brookline Bank
  8. Capital Educators Federal Credit Union
  9. Citizens National Bank of Cheboygan
  10. Collins Community CU
  11. Consumers National Bank
  12. Delta Community Credit Union
  13. Direct Federal Credit Union
  14. Dollar Bank
  15. East Idaho Credit Union
  16. Educational Systems Federal Credit Union
  17. Fairport Savings Bank
  18. First American State Bank
  19. First Central State Bank
  20. First Entertainment CU
  21. First Exchange Bank
  22. First Ipswich Bank
  23. First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust
  24. First National Bank of Elkhart
  25. First National Bank of Shiner
  26. First Northern Bank of Wyoming
  27. First Savings Bank
  28. FNB Bank, Inc.
  29. Freedom First Federal Credit Union
  30. Gulf Coast Community Federal Credit Union
  31. Hanmi Bank
  32. Highland Bank
  33. Houston Texas Fire Fighters Federal Credit Union
  34. Metro Credit Union
  35. Middlesex Savings Bank
  36. MountainCrest Credit Union
  37. MWD Federal Credit Union
  38. Neches FCU
  39. Northland Area Federal Credit Union
  40. Olympia Federal Savings
  41. Roanoke Valley Community Credit Union
  42. Skyone Federal Credit Union
  43. STAR Financial Bank
  44. Texas Tech Federal Credit Union
  45. TexasBank
  46. United American Bank
  47. Valwood Park Federal Credit Union
  48. Washington Area Teachers Federal Credit Union
  49. Washington First Bank
  50. Western States Bank
  51. Willis Credit Union

If you're a member of any of these, you should now be able to add your debit card in the Android Pay app. Some banks, like USAA (gr), require a bit of a workaround to get your card up and running. After that, you just need find places with NFC terminals that accept Google's contactless payment solution. Go have fun, but don't leave your wallet at home just yet.