Between this job and school, I write a lot, so any tool that makes that task easier is great in my book. On that note, the G Suite team has rolled out a small, but great, change to Docs: you can now change the capitalization of a specific portion of text, and you get to choose between lowercase, all caps, and title case.

Speed is of the essence when writing, especially at any higher academic level, so this new feature is aimed at saving time while writing a document. While I love formatting, I will admit that it can be tedious — and hey, the G Suite team agrees with me.

This should be available to everyone in Google Docs over the next day or so. When you have it, just highlight a portion of text you want to change, then go to Format -> Capitalization and make your choice. This is limited to the web version of Docs for the time being, so who knows if we'll ever see it on mobile.