Android's sharing features have always been rather good in general, but Evernote is looking to streamline the process. It's rolling out a new version of its built-in sharing tool today on Android. It allows you to send notes to others via almost any messaging app without ever leaving Evernote.

This new sharing feature is currently exclusive to Android, but other platforms will get it later. When you open the sharing tool, Evernote asks you to add the email or Evernote username of the recipients. If they're on Evernote, the share will appear in their account. If not, they get an email granting access.

You can also share directly to any messaging app on your phone. Tap "Share another way" and select the app you want to use. The link is sent from Evernote without opening the other app at all. The Shared section of the Evernote app is new as well. It lists all the notes and notebooks that have been shared with you, and there are tools for filtering and sorting.

This feature appears to be rolling out as a sever-side change. I'm already seeing it in the version of Evernote I have installed, and it wasn't included in the last update. The new sharing features are enabled on all accounts, but remember that free accounts can only use two devices at a time.