We're on the cusp of a major smartphone announcement, so it's no surprise to see deals like this one popping up. It comes courtesy of a seller on eBay: a refurbished Galaxy S7 (unlocked Tmo variant) for $289.99, a savings of $287. 

This is a fantastic deal on a pretty good phone. You get a 5.1" QHD screen (still one of the best around), a great 12MP camera, 32GB of storage, a Snapdragon 820, and 4GB of RAM. Oh, and it has Nougat now.

If you need a cheap phone, this is a great option. The deal is good on both the black and gold options and, yes, it's a seller refurb. However, it's difficult to find an S7 at this price anywhere else. Hit up the source link below if you're interested.