Earlier in March, Cortana got updated on Android to version 2.5 with one important feature: optional lockscreen integration. This allowed users to swipe from their lockscreen to reveal their personal feed including calendar appointments, news, and contextual information they might need. However, it didn't include the ability to interact with Cortana or ask it questions.

With today's update to v2.6, that is now possible. You can ask Cortana questions, set reminders, and more without unlocking your device first. It's more about convenience and less about security I presume. There are also improvements to the way the Cortana home feed is displayed on Android, easier ways to set reminders and lists without using voice, and a few other enhancements.

What’s new in Cortana 2.6.0
• Improved positioning above the lock screen
• New view for a quick glance of your day
• Buttons to create Reminders and Lists from Cortana home
• Improved reminder experience and location triggering
Thanks for using Cortana!

The other major thing to note is that the Cortana app is now officially available in the land down under, Australia, after launching in the US and spreading to the UK. You can grab it from the Play Store at the link below or manually download v2.6 from APK Mirror.