T-Mobile has been changing its postpaid plans approximately every five seconds for the last few years, but the prepaid plans haven't gotten as much attention. They're being changed up today, though. There are three new plans total; two "Simply Prepaid" and a "ONE Prepaid." They start at $45 per month.

The two Simply Prepaid plans seem like reasonable deals. They cost $45 and $55 for 4GB and 6GB of data, respectively. That includes a number of the same features you get on the postpaid plans including WiFi calling, mobile hotspot, and unlimited music streaming. They also have "data maximizer" enabled by default. This is apparently what T-Mobile is calling Binge-On now. You can turn it off, thankfully.

The ONE Prepaid actually seems like a bit of a dud to me. You get all the above with unlimited on-device LTE, coverage in Mexico and Canada, and 200MB of roaming data. However, your hotspot is limited to 3G, and data maximizer cannot be disabled. Oh, there are HD video day passes if you want (for $3 each). This plan is priced at $75 per month. At that point, you should just be on a regular plan.

All these plans are active immediately. New customers won't be able to get any of the old ones, but existing customers can keep them for the time being.