Around two weeks ago, we told you what the codenames of Google's next-generation Pixel phones are (it's muskie and walleye, if you've forgotten). After we wrote that post, a Googler commenting on the commit where walleye first appeared actually linked to our story and gave a light ribbing to the author for using unreleased device codenames in the public gerrit, which we found amusing.

At some point after that, though, the reference to walleye as well as the comment linking to our story were removed. If you go to the commit now, walleye is nowhere to be seen. Which, I guess that makes sense? The cat's kind of out of the bag, isn't it, Google? Anyway, after doubling down on secrecy, we noticed today that Google, ahem, committed another mistake.


It's OK, guys - we'll point these out as we see them. It'll make removing them a lot easier!